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4 Reasons why you should contact an iad agent*


Independent real estate agents*, available and comitted with the success of your project

Local expertise thanks to a broad agent network spread all over Italy

Personalized service throughout all stages : property’s price estimation, advertisement, visits to the property, contracts, final sale...

A digital business model strengthened by the reduction of structural costs – often associated to brick-and-mortar businesses - to provide you with a simple and complete service at the best price. 

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Every agent* is part of a national network of real estate experts. The real estate agent* is responsible for all the transactions that occur between a house-owner and a buyer. The iad agent* is the go-to person on the field because he knows the market and the region very well. iad group gives to all the agents* the best training available on the industry as well as an exclusive array of digital tools. Therefore, all clients who wish to buy or sell a house, should trust the services of an iad agent*.

Why trusting a real estate agent*?

As an independent professional, the real estate agent* has total flexibility to manage his working hours and schedule and adapt it to the needs of their clients. This means our agents* can be available either in the evening or weekend. Our agents* are usually based on the same area as their clients which means it will be very easy to meet them. Each agency has their own method, their own DNA. At iad, agents* are not stick to protocols and rules that limit their action plan. They are very agile and will get you the best possible offer.

How to find a real estate agent* in your city?

To find a real estate agent* near you, you can either search by area (inserting the name of the city or parish you want) or directly by the agent’s name.

Find a real estate agent* - searching by city

Do you want to find a real estate agent* in a specific city? If so, please insert in the search box above the name of the city you are searching for and see all the agents* available in that area. You can also access to the agent’s profile page to see their portfolio and better choose the professional you would like to work with.

Find a real estate agent* - searching by name

Do you already know an iad real estate agent* but want some more information about his work? Make a quick search by name, access to all agent’s details and get in contact with him.

3 steps to easily find an iad real estate agent

  1. Search by area or directly by the agent's name

  2. Insert the address or the agent's name and click on the "show results" button

  3. Get in contact with the real estate agent* directly through this page or access his detailed profile page to see more information

Independent real estate agent*: the go-to professional to buy, rent or sell a house

What should you know before buying a house and why should you rely on a real estate agent*? When the time is right to buy a property, you will want to make sure you won’t miss your dream house.

You can either search online or trust a real estate agent’s services. This professional will show you all the listings that match your search criteria and guide you throughout the whole process.

This way, you can skip unnecessary steps such us visiting overpriced properties or houses in poor conditions.

The real estate agent* will be responsible for:

  • Doing the market research
  • Proposing financing solutions
  • Verifying that the property matches your criteria
  • Negotiating with the house owner or seller

Thanks to the agent’s expertise and know-how, they will also assist you with the administrative and negotiation processes:

  • Making a price estimation for your property
  • Advising you on the best strategy
  • Promoting and marketing your property
  • Negotiating with the potential buyers

* All iad consultants are independent sales agents of iad Italia.